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I teach courses on composition, the writing process, and organizational communication. I currently teach first-year composition and technical writing at Auburn University. 



Composition I

This course focuses on the acute analysis of various media as an entry point into critical thinking and the writing process.

Composition II

With an emphasis on crafting a successful research paper, this course guides students through careful and deliberate research, the collection of relevant sources, and concise presentation of findings.

Technical Writing

This course gives students experience in common types of technical writing that they are likely to encounter in professional settings. They practice skills necessary in technical genres, including written and verbal communication, research, design, and project planning.

Organizational Communication

The fundamental skills for producing effective and efficient organizational communication in various genres are the focus of this intensive four-hour course.

Basic Language & Writing Skills

This course addresses the essential elements of the writing process, proper English grammar and usage, and proper communication in the workplace.

Drafting, Editing, & Revising

Addressing strategies for the writing process, this brief course provides the tools for crafting strong writing.

Email Etiquette

With a focus on the workplace, this course provides students with insight on the most important conventions of email communication.

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